What explanation does New York Governor Andrew Cuomo give for the unconscionable, 100% avoidable deaths of countless nursing home patients in his state?

There are two:

-It was Trump’s fault;

-It was the nursing homes’ fault.

It had nothing to do with Governor Cuomo’s March 25th mandate ordering nursing homes to accept residents who had contracted COVID-19, you see.  It was Trump.  And it was the nursing homes.

Excerpted from Miranda Devine’s harrowing commentary in the New York Post – one of the very few media venues talking about this huge scandal instead of suppressing/burying it:

It’s incredible how highly he rates himself when he has presided over the most COVID deaths of any state in the nation by far — 22,976 as of Wednesday, some seven times more than California, 11 times more than Florida. 

He bears at least some culpability. He was slower to respond to the threat of the virus. And then he compounded that error with the unforgivably callous act of forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients — a death sentence for other residents as the infection spread like wildfire.

Wednesday, for instance, he blamed President Trump for the nursing-home deaths. The chutzpah is astonishing.

“I have refrained from politics,” he said, laughably. “But anyone who wants to ask ‘why did the state do that with COVID patients and nursing homes,’ it’s because the state followed President Trump’s CDC guidance.

“So they should ask President Trump.”

(A reporter asked) “In retrospect, do you think (your mandate) was a bad decision? Do you think it contributed to the death toll?”

“No,” said Cuomo. “Because you have to be saying the nursing homes were wrong in accepting COVID-positive patients.”

At this point I think it would be good to remind readers of what the March 25th mandate said – verbatim and entirely in context:

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH (NURSING HOME) solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.

Translation:  Cuomo’s mandate – not Trump’s, not the nursing homes’, but Cuomo’s – specifically ordered nursing homes to take in Covid-19 patients.  They were not even allowed to test incoming patients for the virus, let alone reject them.

And what happened as a consequence of this insane requirement is Trump’s fault?  The nursing homes’ fault?

No, it is Andrew Cuomo’s fault.  Cuomo.  The guy who agreed to this mandate and put his name at the top of it, and allowed it to remain in force for a month and a half before quietly pulling it.

In her commentary, Ms Devine said ” The chutzpah is astonishing”.

She was 100% correct – the same percentage as Cuomo was 100% wrong in forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 sufferers, thus consigning untold numbers of residents in those homes to death….and now blaming everyone but himself for it.  Period, end of story.

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  • I see a simple solution for Cuomo, kick the NY Post out of the press conferences and announce that no one has died in any NH’s in NY State. With the Post gone the other media can just report it as the truth. I know what you are thinking, but we already know the truth, however you and I have always known the truth, they wouldn’t be doing it for us. They would do it for the vast majority that don’t know how much they are being lied to by the media.

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