Here is another example of overt racism that is – at least in the minds of its creators – in place to fight…..racism.

Confused?  I don’t blame you.  But this excerpt from James Huffman’s article for the Wall Street Journal should explain things pretty clearly:

The state of Oregon, hoping to strike a blow against both the pandemic and “systemic racism,” has established a Covid relief fund exclusively for blacks and black-owned businesses. The Oregon Cares Fund website accurately describes the program as “unprecedented.” It is also surely unconstitutional.

In July the Oregon Legislature Emergency Board allotted $200 million to assist small businesses suffering losses because of the pandemic and government-ordered shutdowns. Of the total, $62 million was set aside for the Oregon Cares Fund, whose website describes it as “a Fund for Black people, Black-owned businesses, and Black community based organizations.” Black families are eligible for up to $3,000 and black-owned businesses for up to $100,000.

Maria Garcia, owner of the Revolucion Coffee House in Portland, applied for support. She was denied because her business “does not meet the criteria because 0% of its owners identify as Black.” She has sued in federal court, alleging that the denial violates her rights under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. Last month a federal court declined a petition in another lawsuit, by the timber company Great Northern Resources, to enjoin further distributions from the Cares Fund. Both cases await a ruling on the constitutional merits.

Amazing, isn’t it?  these geniuses are, literally, implementing systemic racism to fight systemic racism – without a clue about the implications of their no doubt well-meaning stupidity and the damage it will cause.

Tell me:  what happens if, tomorrow, the ku klux klan sues for an all-White fund? How is their racially-based demand any different?

And please do not answer that Black people need the money more than White people. This is a fund for needy businesses.  By definition, everyone who is needy needs it, regardless of skin color.  And if it is distributed fairly, whatever need-based racial disparities there are would inherently be addressed.

If, for example, a greater percentage of Black businesses are in need of funding than non-Black businesses, then a fair, unracialized distribution of the money would generate the additional percentage for Black businesses.  End of issue.

But setting aside money exclusively for Blacks – thus dispensing money to people specifically on the basis of their skin color, while denying everyone else access to that money specifically on the basis of their skin color – is racism.  Overt racism in its purest form, guaranteed to increase racial tensions rather than decrease them.

And what about the fact that, if you can do it for one race, you can do it for another race as well.

For that matter, why not religions too?  What if the American nazi party demands money set-asides exclusively for needy Christians?  No Jews allowed, even if they are just as needy?  How is that different from the “Oregon Cares Fund” racial set-aside?

Welcome to the new segregation.  The one that’s supposed to be OK because it is the “good” variety.

For the umpteenth time:  it is amazing how much racism you can find among people who profess to be against racism.

The Oregon Cares Fund, sad to say, is a classic example.  And, just as sad to say, it is far from the only one.

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