This one speaks for itself.

From Daniel Beekman’s article in the Seattle Times:

A majority of Seattle City Council members now say they agree with a high-level proposal by advocates to defund the Police Department by 50% and reallocate the dollars to other community needs.

Council members Lisa Herbold, Dan Strauss and Andrew Lewis added support Thursday to a road map set out by Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now.

They joined colleagues Tammy Morales, Kshama Sawant, Teresa Mosqueda and M. Lorena González, who previously backed the push to reduce the Police Department’s annual budget by 50% and promised quick action, while Mayor Jenny Durkan has asked the council to slow down.

Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now laid out a four point proposal for defunding the Police Department:

    • Remove Seattle’s 911 dispatchers from police control
    • Scale up community-based solutions to public safety
    • Fund a community-led process to “imagine life beyond policing.”
    • Invest in affordable housing

There you go.  To summarize:

-No more police dispatchers;

-“Community based solutions” to public safety (I dare you to try and define that);

-An “imagine life beyond policing” process (if you thought the last one was hard to define, try this one);

-And the ever-popular “affordable housing” – i.e. the taxpayers subsidize where other people live….assuming there will be any taxpayers left, in a city without a seriously functioning police department.

This is supposed to improve the city of Seattle, not decimate it.

Hey, I have a great alternative plan.  Why not let the anarchists, Black Lives Matter radicals/extortionists and street thugs who took over Seattle streets, called their area CHAZ, then CHOP, and were allowed to run an inner-city anarchic dictatorship for almost a month, run the entire city…

…with Seattle’s idiot Mayor, jenny durkan cheering them on and describing it as a positive move, the way she did with CHAZ/CHOP?

Hey, the people will love this.  It will be a “summer festival” all year long.  Just ask jenny.

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