George Neumayr, who writes for The American Spectator (, believes mainstream media does not like Donald Trump.

That, in and of itself, is right up there with believing that water is wet and polar bears are hard to find in Borneo.

But Mr. Neumayr’s explanation of media’s Trump-hatred is so worthwhile, I thought I would post some of it below (and you can read the rest by clicking here):

For decades the media carefully cultivated an aura of “objectivity” in order to preserve its propagandistic authority. It was always a sham, but it worked as long as Republican presidents paid homage to it. Trump hasn’t, and the media hates him for it, even as its unhinged behavior confirms the truth of his stance.

How dare you treat us as liberal partisans, they pout, before trotting off to the latest anti-Trump gala. Guess who is one of this year’s winners of the “Walter Cronkite Award”? Jorge Ramos, the open-borders activist who pretends to play a news anchor at Univision. Perhaps Rachel Maddow can snag the award next year.

Her debacle this week threw more light on the liberal partisanship of the media, not least because the “Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist” who received Trump’s stolen tax documents chose Maddow’s show as the place to feature them. 

Of course, the reporter in question, David Cay Johnston, isn’t even remotely objective. Though you would never have known it from Maddow’s reverential reading of his résumé, Johnston is less a reporter than a left-wing hack who used to write columns for the socialist rag The Nation.

It was amusing to see the two descend into conspiracy theories — Johnston recklessly speculated that Trump had leaked the documents himself — as they tried desperately to pump life into a useless and backfiring segment.

Look at the pitiful rantings of Carl Bernstein, who out of hatred for Trump beclowned himself by hyping a Trump-Russia “dossier” that turned out to be a fraud. Shortly thereafter, Bernstein’s son Jacob, a New York Times reporter also in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome, disgraced himself by calling Melania Trump a “hooker” at a party.

Trump is pulling the curtain back on the charades of the media, but often they pull the cord before he does. Instead of taking a pause in their partisanship, they plunge more deeply into it. Correspondents like Christiane Amanpour openly brag about their lack of neutrality. Editors rebuke other editors for not calling Trump a “liar” on their front pages. Schools of journalism fete the most virulently anti-Trump pundits. In a way, it is all wonderfully clarifying. The mask of phony neutrality is off and their partisan faces are visible for all to see.

Beautifully written, 100% true, and hugely counterproductive.

Illustratively, look at what these “journalists” have done to me.  Anyone who read this blog from the time Donald Trump announced he was running through the primaries, and into the election campaign, knows how little regard I had for him as a presidential candidate.  In fact, I was the original source of the anti-Trump sobriquet “The world’s richest barroom loudmouth” (google it and see for yourself).

But look at me now.  This is the same Donald Trump, but instead of calling him the thin-skinned egomaniac I did all those months, I find myself doing little other than defending him.

Why? Because the media hatred of Mr. Trump is so great, the onslaughts against him so vicious, so over the top, that they have made him a sympathetic figure – to me and, I suspect, countless other people who, if media had simply been doing their jobs with integrity, would be far more likely to attack him than defend him.

Way to go guys.  You really ought to do yourself a big favor and read George Neumayr’s piece in its entirety.

Think of it as looking in a mirror.

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