Well, the fourth quarter data are in.  And the great Obama recovery – the one that has cost us 8 trillion new dollars of deficits so far – shows growth of 2.6% for the quarter, and 2.4% for the entire year.

That\’s supposed to be a recovery?

If this were a Republican administration, and it went 8 trillion dollars into hock over 6 years so that we could get those GDP numbers, would media be celebrating the great news?  Or – correctly – reminding us that this has been the most anemic “recovery” from a recession since World War II?

Allow me to now put up the Democrat party line; the one we\’ve been hearing ever since Mr. Obama took office.  “But…but… don\’t understand, Ken.  Barack Obama did not inherit just any recession.  He inherited the GREAT recession of 2008.  Heck, it\’s a wonder that the country even survived it.”

Except there have been two recessions even worse since World War II – in 1957/1958 and 1981/1982.  And in both cases the economy sprung back faster and stronger than it has under Barack Obama.  Click here and see for yourself. 

Bottom line?  The best you can say about our economy under President Obama is that, as bad as it has been, our foreign policy was even worse.

That\’s some legacy, Barack.

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