So how is President Trump doing during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis?

If you watch most network coverage, read the New York Times and Washington Post, or give a damn about what celebrities or the harridans on The View thing, you’d swear he’s barely done a thing right yet.

But several polls in the last week – including the CBS and ABC polls, say otherwise.

And now there is Gallup.

From Christian Datoc’s article for, we have this:

A new poll from Gallup published Tuesday shows President Donald Trump receiving a significant bump in his approval numbers across several key demographics.

49 percent of the 1,020 participants, surveyed by Gallup between March 13-22 said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 45 percent said they disapproved, and 6 percent said they had no opinion. It’s the first time that Gallup has ever given Trump a positive job approval differential (+4) since entering office in January 2017.

Trump’s approvals were even higher when the poll asked (a)bout his coronavirus response specifically. 60 percent of all participants approved, including 94 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents, and 27 percent of Democrats, while 38 percent disapproved.

What do these data tell you?

If they are accurate, the answer is that there is significant disconnect between mainstream media coverage of President Trump’s performance and the public’s reaction to it.

It also means that a good many folks are not just falling into lockstep behind anti-Trump media, they are openly disagreeing with it.

That’s good news for Donald Trump…

…bad news for media…

…and, potentially, worse news for Joe Biden (or whomever Democrats put up as their nominee:  I can’t help thinking that fear of Biden’s diminished capacity will cause Demcorats to try and find a way to remove him from the ticket.)

One other thing:  to paraphrase George Gershwin, please remember that polling is a sometimes thing.  Even if these data are accurate, one or two false moves by the President can change things in a hurry.

So let’s end by calling this a point in time and waiting see how things play out.   OK?

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