According to a double-take-inducing article in today\’s New York Post, New York City\’s health department form for new parents now asks the “woman giving birth”…

…whether she is male or female.

Yes, you read that right.  The question, complete with check-boxes, is:  “What is your DATE OF BIRTH, current AGE and SEX?”

You might wonder why that question is there, since as a general rule of thumb since…oh, the beginning of time…most people sort of assume the “woman giving birth” is a woman. 

The answer?  Some genius in a position of authority decided that, because there are transgender people, it would be politically correct to offer the choice.

A note to whomever came up with this brainstorm: transgender or otherwise, the “woman giving birth” is a woman.  Period (well, not for the previous nine months, but you get what I mean). 

Guys do not give birth.  Wrong plumbing.  And – take it from me – the birth canal would be just a bit too tight…unless he becomes the proud papa of a bouncing baby microbe.

Like I said, you can\’t make this stuff up. 

And who would want to?

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