…we have this apparently for-real story, from Tom Davidson’s article in London’s Daily Mirror:

Clapping as been banned at a leading universty’s students’ union “to avoid triggering anxiety”.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union passed the resolution to ban clapping at student union events at the first Senate session of the academic year on September 27, according to student newspaper the Mancunion.

“It was argued that the loud noise of traditional clapping and whooping pose an issue to students with anxiety or sensory issues. BSL clapping – or, jazz hands – would be a more inclusive form of expression,” the paper said.

Jazz hands is the British Sign Language for clapping.

I don’t have the words to describe how imbecilic this is.  I’m not sure the right words have even been invented.

Does this school promise to prepare its students to function in the real world?

As the title says, you can’t make this stuff up.  Because if you did, you’d be laughed out of just about anywhere….other than the University of Manchester where, based on their view of things, the student union might demand that you be named dean of the Psychology Department.

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