Did you know that Freddie Gray had significant spinal surgery?

I didn\’t.  Until I just read it Scott Dance\’s article for the Baltimore Sun — dated April 21. 

The key paragraph:

Gray\’s family has said he underwent surgery at Maryland Shock Trauma Center for three fractured neck vertebrae and a crushed voice box – injuries doctors said are more common among the elderly or victims of high-speed crashes.

Why has this not been all over the media? 

Why is it that the only reason I know about this is because I found it while checking other web sites – I am not posting their addresses because I cannot vouch for them – which say that Gray had several such surgeries, the last of which was just one week before he was arrested and put in that van?  (The reports also say that Gray had been injured in a car accident, and was either negotiating or had already negotiated a structured settlement from Allstate.)

If this is true, it means that what happened to Gray may be partly or completely the result of his physical condition, not police misconduct. 

Did he tell officers that he had the spinal injuries?  Would they have handled him the same way if they knew?

Asking again:  Why has this not been all over the media?  Was the narrative that there could be no reason other than police misconduct too juicy to compromise with a possible alternative possibility?

Shame on them.  Double and triple shame on them.

I will do what I can to find out just how much spinal surgery Gray had, and when he had it.  When I know, you\’ll know.

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