Joe Biden has talked about his attitude about fossil fuels in several different, contradictory ways – particularly about fracking, which he has overtly lied about, by first specifically promising to ban the procedure and then – when it became clear that stance would lose votes in battleground states – changing his story and claiming he’s not against it.

But one position he has been consistent on is that we have to transition out of fossil fuels (a position, as a matter of disclosure, that, though we may differ on timing and procedure, I am in agreement with).

So how come the same Joe Biden apparently had no problem at all with fossil fuels when it enriched son Hunter and brother James – you know, the family members he never discusses business with.

Sharyl Attkisson, writing for, has the lowdown on this “two faces of Joe” story.

Her commentary, titled “Joe Biden: Trashing Fossil Fuel in the US While His Family Seeks to Make Money From It in Ukraine and China”, shows this hypocrisy with crystal clarity.

A key excerpt:

Biden has repeatedly taken strong positions against fossil fuels—oil, coal, and natural gas. He has made it clear he wants to “transition” away from them in the United States.

But as he’s advanced this position, his family members have been making money on deals that expand fossil fuel companies and ventures in foreign countries.

For example, While Hunter Biden was getting himself a job on the board of Ukraine’s largest energy company, Burisma; Vice President Joe Biden was coincidentally put in charge of Ukraine policy. The same day the White House announced the vice president would handle Ukraine policy and make a visit there the following week, Hunter allegedly wrote to a business partner, “This could be the break we have been waiting for.” They inked a highly-compensated gig with Burisma in Ukraine.

During Joe Biden’s first visit to the country in his new position, he spoke of how Ukraine could make the right decisions and become “energy independent”—less reliant on other countries and more secure from a national security standpoint. Energy independence in this context implied good things and heavy reliance on Ukrainian fossil fuel companies like Burisma, where Hunter was hitched. There was no bigger oil and gas company in Ukraine than Burisma.

The point is, while Joe Biden has been pushing to end the U.S. oil industry, his family has been cutting billion dollars in deals, profiting off of the oil industry in competing countries such as Ukraine and China. In fact, eliminating fossil fuel in the United States while supporting it in other nations could be seen as putting America at a competitive and national security disadvantage, whether intentionally or by accident.

Are you surprised?

If so, you apparently do not know Joe Biden very well.

Thank you, Ms. Attkisson, for reminding us of this major-league hypocrisy.

It’s nice that someone is.

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