Karen Monahan, who used to be in a relationship with congressperson, DNC Deputy Chair and Minnesota Attorney General candidate keith ellison, claims he perpetrated written, verbal and physical abuse on her.

Unlike christine blasey ford,Monahan has actual evidence to back up her trauma, and there is no dispute that the two were in a relationship at that time.

Anybody hear about a groundswell of support for Ms. Monahan?  Are there any TV ads of actresses proclaiming their belief that it happened – either for Ms. Monahan or the second woman (Amy Alexander) who also came forward with similar claims?

So far the most significant reaction is that when she posts the hospital report on twitter – you know, neutral non-political twitter – it is promptly deleted.

Here is one of her attempts:

View image on Twitter

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

When I post this, it gets deleted every time


If you need a great deal of rest, I suggest you go to sleep waiting for the same loudmouthed frauds attacking Brett Kavanaugh, based on no evidence of any kind, to say a bad word about ellison.

I’m betting Rip Van Winkle will envy you.

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