Looking at President Trump’s approval ratings:

-On October 9th, Rasmussen Research had President Trump at 46% approval, with 36% strongly approving of his performance and 47% strongly disapproving ; a disparity of -11%.

-Today, 19 days later, Rasmussen Research has President Trump at 52% approval, with 41% strongly approving of his performance and 41% strongly disapproving; dead even.

Looking at the general election:

-On October 7 (the closest to October 9 I could find), Rasmussen had Biden ahead 52% – 40%; a 12% advantage.

-On October 27th, yesterday, (the latest I could find) Rasmussen had Biden ahead 49% – 47%; a 2% advantage.

Rasmussen, of course, is just one poll.  Most others put Biden ahead by more (the latest IBD/TIPP and Emerson polls have Biden ahead by 5%)

Make of this what you will.

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