Two weeks ago the Rasmussen Poll had Joe Biden up 49% – 45%.

Last week it had Biden up 48%-46%.

This week it has Trump up 47%-46%.

What does this mean?  Maybe something, maybe nothing.

Is there any guarantee that this won’t reverse and that the poll will show Biden back ahead next week?  No.

But if you like polls, and look at differences in the same poll from one time to the next, there’s some nourishment for you.


  • Poll Accuracy is one issue – correct number of Dems, Reps, Indy’s.
    Bias of questions is another (leading vs neutral).

    In addition, people focus much more on how they will vote as Election Day gets close. Plus the traditional ‘October Suprise’.

    Finally, the cockamamie Vote-By-Mail scheme is w i d e open to fraud.
    In NJ, 9.6% of the ballots returned by voters were deemed invalid.
    That was for the Primary vote 2 or 3 months ago
    Plus, ballots that did not get to legitimate voters. Several thousand were just left on the floors of apartment buildings (presumably for previous voters who had since moved).

    Scary to think what will be the outcome if the populace does not have faith in the electoral system.

    • The % that vote per county compared to last year will give us a little indication of how much fraud. It won’t be exact, but i think we will be able to glean a little insight if say a country that had 30% of its voters vote in 2016 and have 87% this year. But, if it is coordinated fraud, they will probably be smart enough to spread the votes around to different counties.

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