Here we go again.  Another genius who thinks the way to fight racism is by creating more of it.

This time it is Senator/Presidential aspirant Kamala Harris.

And what is her ingenious idea?

Excerpted from Sam Dorman’s article at

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., announced Saturday that she would invest $100 billion of federal money into housing assistance for black families as part of an effort to close the racial wealth gap in the United States if elected president.

“After generations of discrimination, it’s time to give Black families a real shot at homeownership,” Harris tweeted on Saturday.

While appearing at Essence’s Global Black Economic Forum, she emphasized the role of homeownership in driving the growth of wealth in the U.S. According to Harris’ campaign, she would help 4 million homebuyers through down payment and closing-cost assistance — granting up to $25,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Great.  Just great.

You’re Black?  Here’s money.  Never mind if you are supporting your family already.  Never mind if you are, for example, a Haitian national who proactively came to the United States from a Black country because you see the United States as a place of opportunity.  You are Black, therefore oppressed, therefore in need, and here, I’ll give you money.  Don’t forget to vote for me on election day.

How would you feel if you were Black?  If you were being told that, expressly because of the color of your skin, someone thinks you have to be handed money that someone else earned?

Would it make you feel good?  Would it make you feel valued?  Would it make you feel equal?

This is right down (not up, down) there with Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program, which restricted help to Black boys – needy non-Blacks need not apply – and Obama’s insistence that the way to lower Black students’ expulsions/suspensions from public schools was to stop enforcing the rules that resulted in the expulsions/suspensions.

Racism is real.  It is an everyday problem in the United States (as it is everywhere else around the world as well – a little fact that all too often is conveniently forgotten).  It must be addressed.

But the way to address it is not by creating more of it…and, by so doing, telling Blacks in so many words that they should get things non-Blacks don’t, based specifically on the color of their skin.

All that does is tell them they are inferior.

How does this solve the problem?  Tell me; I’d love to know.


  • “After generations of discrimination, it’s time to give Black families a real shot at homeownership,”

    Why haven’t the dozens of other programs for Black home ownership that we have seen over the decades worked? And why will yours work when all the others have failed?
    The way racism is spoken about by the left you would think America invented it or that White people are the only ones who ever practiced it.

  • Is it not time to realize that racism was exported to America in the 19th Century. You must recognize this famous exercise in evolution from the 1859 title “The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection Or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” by Charles Darwin. Someone needs to explain the short title (The Origin of Species) which 20th Century Americans have grown up with! I see a much deeper problem than racism here.

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