John Solomon is one of the few investigative reporters willing to actually investigate the dirty-beyond-belief complicity between top FBI personnel (NOT the rank and file FBI people) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

His latest column shows us how the FBI and DNC coordinated to subvert the Trump candidacy, and then the Trump presidency.

It is an absolute must-read.  Every word of it.  But, for the moment, let me give you just these two sum-up paragraphs:

There is now a concrete storyline backed by irrefutable evidence: The FBI allowed itself to take political opposition research created by one party to defeat another in an election, treated it like actionable intelligence, presented it to the court as substantiated, and then used it to justify spying on an adviser for the campaign of that party’s duly chosen nominee for president in the final days of a presidential election.

And when, nine months later, the FBI could not prove the allegation of collusion between Trump and Russia, unverified evidence was leaked to the media to try to sustain public support for a continued investigation.

Please, please use the link to read how this was done.

Then, if you want to get angry – outraged – at the FBI/DNC complicity, I won’t blame you a bit.  But don’t forget to include the preponderance of our mainstream media – the folks who have avoided investigating, or even talking about this for almost two years.  They are every bit as complicit.

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