The following is pulled from Darren Samuelsohn’s article for politico.com.  Please read it, and tell me if it comes across as anything remotely resembling a neutral news story to you:

A surprise guilty plea from Trump’s former campaign chairman shows that Mueller’s high-powered probe has been nearly impossible to resist.

Paul Manafort vowed he’d never flip on Donald Trump. After Manafort’s conviction in federal court last month in Virginia, the president declared he had “such respect for a brave man!” because his former campaign chairman hadn’t folded.

About three weeks later, Manafort broke

The longtime GOP operative, who pleaded guilty Friday in a Washington D.C. federal courtroom days before he was set to go on trial, is now the third close Trump associate to reverse course and throw himself at the mercy of government prosecutors.

The surprise twist provided further evidence of the overwhelming power of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, before which a growing roster of defendants are finding resistance to be futile.

Overwhelming power?  Resistance is futile?  does that read like a neutral news report, or nazi propaganda after they broke through the Maginot Line?

A reminder for the fawning Mr. Samuelsohn:  manafort pleaded guilty to crimes that were committed years before the 2016 election, which had exactly zero to do with that election or with Donald Trump.

in other words, mueller’s great triumph is nailing manafort for something that he wasn’t supposed to even be investigating.

Do let us know when mueller latches onto something that actually has relevance to President Trump, to Russian collusion, to obstruction of justice. We’ll wait.

Can this possibly get more absurd?

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