First, please read this Wednesday morning tweet from CNN analyst/former Bill Clinton Press Secretary:

Now, please read the tweet Mr. Lockhart put out 9 minutes later:

And, finally, read this from Kristine Marsh’s article at newsbusters.org:

That (initial) tweet racked up over 8,000 retweets and 34,000 likes, as of Thursday morning. Journalists like Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Post retweeted it as if it were real.

See those numbers at the bottom of each tweet?  The accusation – phony as a $3 dollar bill – not only was extensively retweeted, but generated about 10 times as many retweets as the admission it was BS – just 9 minutes later.

There’s a lesson in there about how powerful fake news can be, for anyone who wants to learn it.

Sad to say, there are people who won’t learn a thing from it…not because the lesson isn’t in their faces, but because they just plain don’t want to.

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