California’s growing anti-“sanctuary state” movement may be adding another component.  A major one.

Excerpted from Susan Crabtree’s article at

San Diego County officials are weighing whether to join forces with Orange County in a revolt against the state’s so-called sanctuary law.

The County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday announced it would consider proposals to join two lawsuits involving federal government policies at its next closed-door session April 17.

One proposal would commit the board to joining the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s sanctuary law, officially known as the California Values act, or SB54. The law restricts local law enforcement’s ability to communicate with federal immigration authorities.

Do we know whether San Diego will join in this lawsuit?  No, not yet.  But we do know that it is, at the very least, being considered, rather than rejected out-of-hand.  And I (maybe you too) can hope that the city follows through.

It’s a simple issue.  Does California or Does California not recognize federal law?

If the answer is “no” – which it inherently must be to declare “sanctuary state status, which has exactly no basis of any kind whatsoever in law – then what other federal laws does California intend to ignore?

And, concomitantly, what complaint would California have if the federal government returned the favor and did not meet one or more of its legal requirements for the state – maybe involving funding issues?

How did the state of California put itself in this position anyway?  Could it be due to a permanently blue-state status, sealed by millions of votes from illegals who already don’t consider the state part of the USA?

That’s worth thinking about – unless, of course, you believe there’s no such thing as voter fraud….in which case, don’t bother, since your thinking process is either hopelessly compromised or non-existent.

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