Now that Democrats’ Endless Impeachment farce has moved from the adam schiff-controlled House Intelligence Committee to the Jerrold Nadler-controlled House Judiciary Committee, Republicans are threatening to call schiff to testify.

Why, other than to make this even more of a circus than it already is, would schiff be called?  Is there any actual reason?

Well, maybe this exchange of tweets between political analyist Paul Sperry and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) who asked some of the tougher questions during kangaroo court schiff was running, will provide the answer.  Let’s see:

Paul Sperry@paulsperry_

DEVELOPING: Why is Schiff still withholding transcript of ICIG Michael Atkinson’s Oct 4 closed-door testimony which lasted 8+ hours? He’s released 15 witness transcripts but is still hiding Atkinson’s. Also, what’s Atkinson’s connection to Obama officials including David Laufman?

John Ratcliffe


I know why @paulsperry_ It’s because I asked IG Atkinson about his “investigation” into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower. The transcript is classified “secret” so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions.


See, schiff is on record as claiming that he never had any contact with the “whistleblower” prior to these hearings and, to this day, does not know who the “whistleblower” is.

After schiff made this extremely difficult-to-believe claim, it came out that his committee had direct contact with the “whistleblower”…which made schif’s claim preposterous that even Democrats ducked standing up for him on it.

And now, assuming Rep. Ratcliffe is accurately describing his Q and A with Michael Atkinson, the implication is that his testimony indisputably outs schiff as the overt liar most people – I would hope, since it is so obvious – know him to be.

If so, it establishes schiff as a fact witness, who Republicans have every reason in the world to expect testimony from.

Want to clear this up, adam?  Then release the Atkinson testimony.

Why, other than covering your own backside, is his testimony being withheld?  He’s not in charge of our nuclear secrets, he’s an Inspector General.   Let’s see those transcripts now.

Every day this Endless Impeachment farce continues is a bad day for Democrats.  And, incredibly, they seem determined to keep those bad days coming.

I will end with a note to schiff, Nadler, and to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who could quash this farce any time she wants, but seems afraid/intimidated/incapable of doing so:  Donald Trump and Republicans everywhere thank you.

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  • Every day this Endless Impeachment farce continues is a bad day for Democrats.

    Millions in the US and who knows how many worldwide actually believe what they are seeing and hearing from our media. They have no reason not to.
    The damage the Left have done and are doing is unmeasurable.

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