Today or tomorrow, the schiff-led House Intelligence Committee will issue its final report.

The report, like the witness list, and both the opening and closing comments of each day’s testimony, will be fully controlled by schiff and his Democrat cohorts.

For this reason, you can expect a claim that impeachable offenses have been found – despite the fact …. let me say that again a little louder … FACT – that not one witness claimed he or she had any first-hand knowledge of President Trump doing anything impeachable.

That’s right.  Not one witness claimed he or she had any first-hand knowledge of Trump demanding a quid pro quo of any kind (in fact, the only first hand knowledge of this charge was Gordon Sondland telling us Trump specifically said NO quid pro quo), no first hand knowledge of any collusion, any extortion or any attempt at bribery.

In a sane world, that would have been the findings of the report, complete with a request that, since there is no evidence, this “inquiry” should be ended.

But, since adam schiff has shown himself to be an overt, serial liar, none of this will matter.  His report will almost certainly claim there were impeachable offenses…and most of our wonderful “neutral” media are almost certain to figure out a way to back him up, no matter how outlandish.  So get ready.

And get ready for the next phase of Endless Impeachment:  the House Judiciary Committee hearings, run by Jerrold Nadler, a career partisan hack who makes schiff seem desirable by comparison.

Have Democrats signed a suicide pact?

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  • Millions in the US and who knows how many worldwide actually believe what they are seeing and hearing from our media. They have no reason not to.
    The damage the Left have done and are doing is unmeasurable.

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