How do you encourage fascism?  One way is by minimizing punishment for fascism when it occurs…

…which is exactly what happened in Oakland, California this past Wednesday.

Excerpted from an article published by The Mercury News:

 A former community college teacher and anti-fascist activist accepted a plea deal and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault for allegedly attacking attendees of a Northern California political rally.

Eric Clanton’s attorney Daniel Siegel said the 29-year-old agreed to the plea deal Wednesday in Alameda County Superior Court. He was sentenced to three years of probation.

The Alameda County district attorney’s office initially charged Clanton with felonies for hitting several pro-Trump demonstrators on the head with a bicycle lock during a 2017 demonstration in Berkeley. 

Siegel said medical records showed only one alleged victim sought medical treatment, for a bruise smaller than a dime.

Prosecutors didn’t return phone and email inquiries.

What a great idea.  A fascist thug – operating in the name of anti-fascism, of course – injures several people by hitting them on the head with a bicycle lock.  And prosecutors – the ones now hiding from media – offer him no jail time.  Just “probation” (which, I would bet money, this sack of hatred will be laughing about all the way home).

And the reason for this virtual free pass?  Because he was too incompetent to inflict severe harm on his victims.

Maybe if one or another of these prosecutors eventually talk to the media, they can let us know how they’d treat a “man” like eric clanton if he opened fire on a crowd of people attempting to kill as many people as possible, but only injured a few – no fatalities.  Or if he held down a woman and attempted to rape her, but couldn’t get it up.  Would he get a mulligan on those too?

When there is almost no punishment when a fascist thug attempts to inflict injury, maybe even murder, on his victims, is he encouraged to do it again?  The answer, obviously, is yes.

I hope the folks in Oakland think long and hard about that question and answer.  Because the next time antifa street thugs run wild on their streets, the victims just might include someone whose life they give a damn about.

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