How far is Emory University going to go, to invent a racial incident?

Here’s your answer, courtesy of Eric Stirgus’s toarticle in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Emory University is investigating a white law school professor’s use of a derogatory word used to disparage African-Americans in a classroom discussion about a racial discrimination case.

Another faculty member is teaching professor Paul Zwier’s class as the university reviews what happened in his class on Aug. 23.

Zwier was discussing a 1967 case about an African-American man who was told “a Negro could not be served” at an event. Zwier asked a student while discussing more facts about the case if the man was called the n-word, according to the university. The professor said he initially did not recall using the n-word but said in a letter to faculty that he used the word “rushing at the end of class and should have picked my words more carefully.”

In case you are trying to figure out what professor Zwier did wrong, his crime was to ask whether, in the course of a racial incident, a Black man was called a nigger.

Oooooohhhh, I just use the word nigger.  I must be racist, so boil me in oil..


I did no such thing, because my use of the term was to explain a situation, and in no way was meant as a pejorative against Black people. Any more than Professor Zwier’s was.

Has Emory University gone insane?  And, just as scarily if not more so, is this what many, many other universities would have done as well?

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