We all know – well, those of us willing to know – that Elizabeth Warren lied about being a Native American and used that lie to benefit her academic career.

And, now, we all know – again, those of of willing to know – that she is lying about losing her teaching job in Riverdale, New Jersey because she was pregnant – since the contemporaneous notes from the school board meeting – held many years before she ran for office, so there was nothing political about them – made it clear that she left the position to raise a family.

But even in the face of that evidence – and the fact that she was telling a audiences the true version of that story as recently as a decade ago, Elizabeth Warren now insists the lie about how she left her job in Riverdale – which has become part of her stump speech, told over and over again, is true.

From Zak Hudak and Bo Erickson’s article for CBS News:

Asked by CBS News why she told the story differently at Berkeley a decade ago, Warren said her life since her election to the Senate in 2012 caused her to “open up” about her past. “After becoming a public figure I opened up more about different pieces in my life and this was one of them. I wrote about it in my book when I became a U.S. Senator,” she said in a statement from her campaign. 

Warren’s changes in phrasing when discussing her dismissal have sparked questions about her story’s veracity. Fox News has cited the 2007 interview as a contradiction with her more recent statements. The Washington Free Beacon reported on a transcript from contemporaneous local school board meetings, also obtained by CBS News, which said Warren was rehired that spring and that the board “accepted with regret” her “resignation” the following summer.

In fact, the school board minutes show that the board voted by unanimous roll call to extend Warren a “provisional certificate” in speech pathology. 

Local newspaper reports from 1971 also present reasons for her leaving the school alternative to what she describes on the trail.  The Paterson News, a local paper, reported that summer that Warren was “leaving to raise a family.” The next month, a story about the school board hiring a replacement said Warren had “resigned for personal reasons,” even though the board had voted to “appoint” Warren to the same speech pathology job that April, according to an earlier report

Warren told CBS News she stands by her characterization of getting “shown the door” because of her pregnancy and called it an “accurate description.” 

“When someone calls you in and says the job that you’ve been hired for for the next year is no longer yours. ‘We’re giving it to someone else,’ I think that’s being shown the door,” Warren told CBS News.

Got that?  Senator Warren is assuring you that the contemporaneous information has been wrong all these years, and she was just funnin’ us with her completely contradictory story in 2007.  No, the 2019 version is the real one….at least until she needs a new version at some point in the future.

Sometimes I think Elizabeth Warren is in a competition with adam schiff to see who can lie the most, and do it in the most blatant way.  If so, they’re neck and neck.

But adam schiff is just a safe-seat House member from Democratifornia.  Elizabeth Warren is looking to become President of the United States – and, at least as of now, since Bernie Sanders’ health will probably end his run and Joe Biden is doing his latest presidential-candidate swoon (he is becoming the Democrat answer to Harold Stassen) –  she may well be the odds-on favorite…

…unless and until someone else (think Hillary Clinton) decides to fill the void.

Hey, isn’t Hillary the 2016 candidate who lost to, arguably, the single most unelectable candidate of the last century?


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