Today is the big day.  Elizabeth Warren, who has based her entire career on the fraudulent premise that she is a Native American – and has lied throughout her political career about doing so – is announcing her run for the presidency.

To refresh your memory, here is a quick summary:

-Warren claimed to be of Cherokee and Delaware ancestry.  There is not now, and has never been, any evidence to support this claim.

-Warren claims she did not move her academic career along by claiming to be Native American.  But both Ivy League schools where she taught – the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard – specifically listed her as Native American, presumably to “prove” they were committed to diversity.

-Warren tried to buttress her claims of being Native American by inserting several of her “Native American” cooking recipes in a book called ” Pow Wow Chow: A Collection of Recipes from Families of the Five Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek & Seminole”.  Not only did the recipes have nothing to do with Native American food, but most apparently were plagiarized from other sources.

-These, of course, are before we get to her claim that her mother and father eloped because dad’s family disapproved of mom’s Native American ancestry – a claim backed by exactly nothing in the way of evidence.

-And, most recently, her just-uncovered application to the Texas bar, where, specifically/in her own handwriting, she wrote that she was an “American Indian”.

– Finally, let’s not forget the “DNA test” she took last year to “prove” her ancestry – the one where she was not tested as a Cherokee or Delaware, but as a Colombian/Peruvian/Mexican…

…which showed that she might – no guarantee, but might – have been as little as 1/1024th one or another of those three ancestries, none of which she ever claimed to be.


But does the fact that Elizabeth Warren is a serial liar and fraud mean she cannot win the presidential nomination and the presidency?

Actually, no it doesn’t.

If richard blumenthal can become a senator from Connecticut – and get re-elected – after lying that he served in Vietnam (he never set foot there), I suppose Elizabeth Warren, already a senator, can become President as well.

Should that should happen, though, it will be less a statement about Senator Warren, than it will be a statement about the voting public.


  • I for one am very happy is idiot is going to run or attempt to run for President The more left wing idiots on the Democratic side that decide to make a run the merrier. It will just prove to mainstream American’s what real idiots stand for. Let them all shoot themselves in the foot. Warren is the “CHEIF” idiot

  • Democrats will have to run a white male like Biden or McAuliffe to have any chance of winning in 2020. I wonder if they will nominate one.

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