Suppose you were running for President in a country where almost 10% of your entire population, both legally and illegally, fled across the border to another country.  Suppose millions and millions of your citizens preferred living in the shadows, risking deportation every day, to living in their own country with full “rights of citizenship”?

What would you say to them?  “I’m sorry for the way we have treated you?  Come back and I promise to make a better life for you so you can proudly live in your own country”?

While you’re thinking about that, please read this excerpt from Adam Shaw’s article at Fox News:

A presidential candidate was barnstorming across Los Angeles over the weekend, reaching out to Mexican migrants, blasting President Trump and calling for protection for illegal immigrants.

The twist: he is running for president of Mexico.

According to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Ricardo Anaya Cortes met with businessmen and activists in Los Angeles — which has a large Hispanic population.

Among those he met with was Obama-era Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, now the president of the University of California.

In a tweet accompanied by a picture with Napolitano, Anaya said they “talked about the importance of supporting the Dreamers and agreed that Mexican migrants deserve respect.”

According to Excelsior, Anaya said that “we are one,” and reiterated that the Mexican migrant community in the U.S. is not alone. While on American soil, he also took a swipe at President Trump by saying he would not be on the side of “an American president who has dedicated himself to insulting our community.”

Appealing to the Mexican community, he said that those who have entered the U.S. are “the heroes of the country.”

“I want to ask you, with my heart in my hand, that every time you hear an aggressive or denigrating expression, remember that there, in Mexico, you are the heroes of the country, the brave, the enterprising, the generous, those who dared to cross the border to give their family a better future,” he said, according to CIS. 

Unbelievable.  This clown campaigns for President of Mexico by coming to the United States – and, instead of apologizing to the millions of his own citizens for living conditions that caused them to leave, tells them what heroes they are because they “dared to cross the border to give their family a better future”.

A better future compared to WHAT?   The future their own country did NOT give them?  The future Ricardo Anaya Cortes offers no promise to improve?

And, not content with essentially telling his fellow Mexicans “goodbye, good riddance and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”, Cortes has the effrontery to insult the country they fled to?  The country they told him they would rather live in than the one he is running for President of?

Can you find one word in the above excerpt, or the entire article (which I hope you use the link to read) that in any way encourages Mexicans that their own country wants them?  That it will try to improve living conditions there to make them tolerable?  Look until your eyeballs hurt and you won’t find it.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more than a little tired of the United States being attacked by so-called “advocates” for people who have fled Mexico to come here, without a bad word for Mexico, the country they fled from.  And, as you can plainly see, Ricardo Anaya Cortes, is right down there with them.

My suggestion to Mexico:  find a President who doesn’t think you’re a hero for jumping the border so he can be rid of you.

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