How completely is impeachment on your mind?  Do you find yourself talking endlessly about it with your friends and relatives?  Does any other subject even come up?


….do you find that you barely, if ever, bring up impeachment and it barely, if ever, is brought up by your friends and relatives?  That other things are far more important to you in your everyday life?

If the latter description is a bit more where you are on impeachment, this might be a bit disturbing to you.

Excerpted from Rich Noyes and Bil D’Agostino’s article at

In the first 100 days since House Democrats began their impeachment push on September 24, ABC, CBS and NBC have aggressively aided the effort. A Media Research Center analysis finds the Big Three evening newscasts have battered the President with 93% negative coverage and promoted impeachment at the expense of nearly all other Trump news.

At the same time, the broadcast networks donated at least 124 hours of wall-to-wall live coverage as they pre-empted regular programming in favor of House Democrat-led impeachment activities. 

The administration’s trade talks with China were given just over six minutes of coverage during these 100 days, while the successful effort to get the USMCA trade deal through the House received a scant 66 seconds of airtime. Total coverage of the administration’s economic program: just nine minutes, or barely one percent of the airtime spent on impeachment.

Asking for an honest answer:  if you had to rank the issues on that chart in order of their importance to you, where would the economy be?

Would it be dead last, with an importance level of less than 1%?  I somehow doubt it.

But that’s where it is with network news coverage.

The economy, which – other than in time of war – is just about always the single most important issue out there, has been virtually ignored by CBS, NBC and ABC, as if it didn’t even exist.

And now I will ask for another honest answer:  if we had slid into a recession – which countless “pundits” (quotation marks are definitely necessary here) told us was imminent just a few months ago – do you think CBS, NBC and ABC would have provided virtually no coverage of the economy then?

Or do you think these same networks would have been falling over each other to report it and show what a disaster for the economy President Trump turned out to be?

Don’t bother answering. I know you know as well as I do.

This is why I blog almost every day about bias in our mainstream media.  Could it be more richly deserved?

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