E. J. Dionne is a columnist for the Washington Post.  He is also a Democrat-adoring, Republican-hating partisan.

And, unlike some of his less insightful colleagues, Mr. Dionne has “woke up” and started to smell the coffee brewing, on a possible disaster-in-progress for his party of choice.

But his way of expressing this point?  To say the least, I have problems with it.

Here are several paragraphs from of his latest column – in rust, with my comments in blue:

Have Democrats reached the point where they would rather beat each other’s heads in than defeat President Trump? Have they forgotten that the opposition’s first task is to build a broad coalition for change? A very fair question.  But do Democrats really want their “coalition” to be not just against Trump, but in support of “The Squad?”  Somehow I doubt it.

Yes, the media loves conflict, and the current fights among Democrats — in the House of Representatives and on the presidential campaign trail — are irresistible for us journalists. And so many of Trump’s outrages are treated not as the moral disgraces they are but as campaign strategy. As in: Boy, all that cruelty at the border and his threat to ignore the law and add that citizenship-status question to the census play great with his base, and isn’t he a genius? Trump has so debased the standards of our politics that we stop noticing how low we have sunk. Wow, quite a compilation (or, maybe, pile is more apropos).  The listed “outrages” are pursuing border policies that occurred during the Obama administration (but Dionne and his pals had no problem with then), and outrage that a census form would ask whether people are citizens (why would this be a problem – are you afraid that if California identifies non-citizens it will lose too many congressional seats the state has no right to?)

But the Democrats’ primary mission right now is precisely to force attention to what those wielding authority — meaning especially Trump but also his enablers in the Republican-led Senate — are doing to our country. They can’t just blame the media for seeing that there is a lot of, well, tension in the House Democratic caucus. Reporters aren’t making up the fact that progressives and moderates often dump on each other. Progressives say moderates aren’t being militant enough against Trump. Moderates say progressives are not attentive enough to the middle-of-the-road voters and districts that gave them their House majority in the first place. What a whitewash this is.  “Progressives” are taking over the Democrat Party, “moderates are being tossed off, then under, the Democrat bus, and the ones who dare to say something about this are immediately called “racist” – including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Whatever their disagreements, Democrats are united on many things, starting with seeing the shameful treatment of children in detention facilities as a violation of all that our country says it believes in, and how Trump’s environmental policies are a daily scandal, given the mounting evidence for the damage climate change is doing. I could offer a much longer list, but you get the point.  Actually, no I don’t.  Again, the so-called “detention centers” were NOT created under Trump, they existed – with no complaints from the Dionnes of the world – during the Obama administration.  And human-created climate change is not settled science at all, despite mainstream media’s best efforts to tell us it is.  I could offer a much longer list too, E. J.

Perhaps a vile Trump tweet on Sunday will remind Democrats why they should be battling him, not each other. Without naming them, he attacked four first-term Democratic congresswomen — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib — for standing up against his cruel border policies. Trump told the four progressives they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” It was despicable thing to say, not to mention typically ill-informed, since all but Omar were born in the United States. Wrong again.  For the third time, these are not Trump’s border policies; they existed before he took office.  And Trump didn’t “tell” them to go back to their countries, he asked “Why don’t you” go back.  He did so very abrasively, I agree.  But the question is a good one; if these four find so much wrong with this country and they can leave anytime they want – regardless of where they were born – then why are they here?  Do they think their presence is some kind of favor to us?

The four have been quarreling with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but she quickly rose to their defense...That’s it.  That’s all I can stand.  They weren’t “quarreling” with Pelosi, they flat-out called her a racist.  Just like they, and you, are calling Trump one.

OK, I’m tired of correcting E. J. Dionne’s commentary.  My typing fingers hurt.

The link to his entire piece is above.  You can continue with the corrections if you care to.  I’m moving on.

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