Two weeks ago I put up a blog about John Durham’s looming report, that finished with this:

Maybe it is just the political cynic in me, but is it possible this was the plan all along?  To have this come out in the middle of the presidential campaign, when it would do President Trump the most good and Democrats in general – Biden in particular – the least good?

If so, it’s a classic case of playing political hardball- one that, depending on what comes out at that time, might well be a major element of the Trump re-election effort.

Stay tuned.

And now we have this, excerpted from Rick Moran’s article at pjmedia.com:

Attorney General William Barr reiterated this week that he wouldn’t wait until after the election to release the report of U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the Russia collusion story. This has Democrats nervous and preemptively saying that anything Durham finds will be the result of a political witch hunt.

If Durham’s report portrays the Obama Justice Department as being engaged in a partisan effort to discredit Trump, that will certainly impact the election and it won’t help the Democrats. But even if it only reveals that certain officials engaged in an attempt to weaken the president and drive a bogus investigation forward, it would condemn Democrats who have defended the Mueller investigation, including Joe Biden.

How can you not smell this coming?

Brace yourself, Joe…

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