duncan hunter is a pretty high-visibility Republican House member from California.

But that description is about to be in the past tense.

Why?  Here’s your answer, excerpted from an Associated Press article published in his hometown Orange County Register:

U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, whose district includes two-thirds of Temecula, says he will plead guilty Tuesday, Dec. 3, to a charge of misusing campaign funds and has indicated he will leave Congress.

The California Republican is facing federal corruption charges he looted campaign cash to finance vacations, golf outings and other personal expenses.

He told KUSI television in San Diego in an interview that aired Monday that he is changing his plea to protect his three children from going through a very public trial.

Until now, Hunter has resisted calls to resign even after his indictment, which he calls politically motivated.Prosecutors revealed salacious details about the married congressman’s lifestyle, saying he used campaign money to illegally finance a string of romantic relationships with lobbyists and congressional aides.

Yep, sure.  It’s not because he broke the law and used campaign funding for his, er. social life.  It’s for his three children.  What a guy.

Were the “string of romantic relationships” for your children too, Duncan?

This is precisely the kind of behavior that reinforces people’s images of politicians as sleazy and amoral.

If the allegations are true – and not many people agree to ruin their lives if they’re not guilty – I hope duncan hunter pays in full for what he has done.

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