I don’t often commend MSNBC regular Donnie Deutsch for his logic and insight.  But today’s the day.

Here,  from MRC TV, via Brian Chai’s article for, is what he said about how Donald Trump is making out on the government shutdown:

Bingo.  Other than the gratuitous “chipping away at democracy” line (national emergency actions have been taken many times in the past), Mr. Deutsch has it exactly right.

This week, President Trump has gone to the border and spoken to immigration professionals, while giving congressional Democrats time to reconsider.

Now, should he declare a national emergency, which would both re-open the government and secure the borders…

…if Democrats fight him it is they who are insisting the government remain closed and the border remain unsecured.  Not Trump, but Democrats.

Say, haven’t I already blogged about this?  Maybe Donnie has gone slumming, read my commentary, and decided to co-opt it.  Who knows?

Regardless, he’s got it right and should be cited for his understanding of the situation.

Chuck?  Nancy?  Your move.

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