Ken Berwitz

Ironic, isn\’t it, that hatred by race and religion is an equal opportunity employer.

From Eric Levitz\’s article at New Yorker magazine:

Donald Trump has assembleda rainbow coalition of bigots. Days after a former KKK grand wizard said thatwhite voters who oppose Trump arebetraying their heritage, Nation of Islam founder LouisFarrakhan praised the Donald\’s efforts to get Jewish money out of politics.

Donald Trump “is the onlymember who has stood in front of Jewish community, and said I don\’t want yourmoney,”Farrakhan said in a Sunday sermon, the Anti-Defamation League reports. “Any time aman can say to those who con­trol the politics of America, \’I don\’t want yourmoney,\’ that means you can\’t control me. And they cannot afford to give upcontrol of the presidents of the United States…Not that I\’m for Mr. Trump, but I like what I\’m look­ing at.”

The reference to turning down Jewish money, Levitz speculates (correctly, I think) is that, last December, trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition, “I don\’t want money, so,therefore, you\’re not going to support me because, stupidly, you want to givemoney…”

This apparently suggests to louis farrakhan, a career anti-Semite, that a trump candidacy would shut Jews out of influencing him if he became President.  I doubt this would be true of trump, but certainly understand why the concept would appeal to someone like farrakhan.

donald trump:  He\’s not the only thing david duke and louis farrakhan agree on.  But he is currently the most interesting one.

I wonder how many trump fans will reflect on why people like this are gravitating to their candidate…and what it says about their support of him.

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