Among the tidal wave of accusations made against President Donald Trump, is that he is not only an anti-Semite but a nazi sympathizer.

Sadly, a great many people, including a great many Jews who ought to know better, dutifully repeat these impossibly idiotic claims

Donald Trump’s decades-long support of Israel, his moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem, his long-time support for Jewish causes, the Jews in his administration and his multitude of Jewish friends/associates? Somehow, to these people, none of this counts.

With the above in mind, I thought you might like to see this full page ad, which appeared in yesterday’s New York Times:


The point to be made here?  Happily, Jews are anything but monolithic about this idiocy.

Even, I assume, a great many people, Jews and non-Jews, who do not support President Trump politically, recognize that he is about the last thing in the world from being either an anti-Semite or a nazi sympathizer.

It’s about time for the rest to wake up and put reality above childish accusations and partisan politics.

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  • Have you noticed the people that say they are against Nazis hate the USA and the Flag which freed the world from the Nazi’s. These people are beyond retarded.

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