I’ll make this easy for you.

First the headline from Bill Barrow’s article for the Associated Press:

Trump’s mention of ‘woman’s card’ draws backlash

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it?  Donald Trump is suffering the consequences of his comment.  Must have been pretty intemperate for the public to be so up in arms, right?

Now the key excerpts:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton is playing “the woman’s card” has drawn intense backlash, from the Democratic front-runner herself as well as tens of thousands of critics on social media.

“If fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the ‘woman card,’ then deal me in,” Clinton said in Philadelphia as she celebrated wins in four out of five of Tuesday’s Democratic primaries.

Trump’s remarks prompted social media hashtags like #dealmein and #womancard, the latter ranking among the top 10 global trending topics on Twitter Wednesday, with more than 45,000 tweets by late afternoon.

For the record, I went to #dealmein and #womancard, and, in spending some time looking at both, I found a tidal wave of Hillary-supporters – groups and individuals both –  with a tidal wave of whining attacks – not against Trump in particular either, but against men in general.

What I did not find was people, male or female, who appeared to be non-ideological but turned off by Trump’s attack on Clinton (I’m sure there must be some such people and they can be found somewhere, but not at the locations cited in this article.  I urge you to use the links I’ve provided and see for yourself).

In other words, that big headline, which would lead casual readers to think there’s a groundswell of anger over Trump’s characterization of Clinton, is about as misleading as it can be.  In favor of Hillary Clinton, of course.

Completely unintentional, I’m sure……


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