In April:

-President Trump told the Chinese government we were aggressively changing our trade policy with China by raising tariffs on many goods to make it more equitable…China threatened to retaliate in a big way (which was happily picked up by mainstream media).  But then, a week later, China promised to lower its tariffs on US products and make its markets more open to us;open its markets;

-President Trump, after negotiating a coalition with Britain and France, bombed the chemical weapons facilities in Syria.  Russia immediately made direct threats against us for doing so (which were happily picked up by mainstream media).  But then, a week later, backed down in as face-saving a way as possible by declaring we had not crossed any line with them;

-North Korea, had been regularly performing, complete with threats against the US.  But now, after Trump and his team negotiated a face-to-face meeting with kim jung-un, he has announced that (at least for now) North Korea is suspending its nuclear and missile tests;

-April tax day came, with a majority of people paying less than they did for the same earnings last year, due to the Trump/Republican tax cuts;

-It is being reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Trump he is not a target of any part of the Mueller probe;

-Unemployment, which dropped throughout Trump’s first year, remains at near-record lows.  Black and Hispanic unemployment remain at all-time lows.

-And the month isn’t over, there are 9 days to go.

Asking again, as I did in the blog title:  does this count as a good month?

Because, to read most mainstream media as the month progressed, I would have very little idea that it might be.

How come?

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  • I read NK also is talking about peace and an end to the Korean War.

    Food stamp use is way down.

    Do the tax cuts start for the 2017 tax year? I thought they don’t start until the 2018 filing.

    If the Mueller Investigation was to determine if Trump colluded with Russia, how can Trump not be a target of any part of the Mueller probe???

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