Does The United States really have the most COVID-19 cases?  Or is it just that we have tested more people than other countries, so our counts are higher?

Well, let’s think about this.

Looking at the counts by country, we see that, as of today, 614,063 cases have been reported worldwide, resulting in 28,238 deaths.

The United States is reporting 104,256 cases – more than any other country.  And about 1,600 deaths.

But wait.  The count of how many people have contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus, as noted above, is a function of how many people have been tested.  The number of deaths attributable to COVID-19, by contrast, is what it is.  So let’s take a look at those data instead.

-In China, for example, the claim is that just 81,394 people have contracted the virus.  But – if you believe the Chinese government – 3,295 are dead.  That’s almost double the number in the United States.  Yeah, right.

-How about Italy?  Italy is reporting 9,134 COVID-19 deaths.  That’s more than five times as many as we have sustained in a country with 60 million people:  less than one-fifth our population.  Would it be fair to say that Italy’s count of COVID-19 sufferers just might be a bit understated?

-Then we have Spain.  With a population of about 47 million it is roughly one-seventh of our 327 million total.  Spain is reporting just 72,248 COVID-19 cases… but 5,690 deaths – more than triple our total, thus more than 21 times as many if we take our population difference into account.  Still think they have fewer people who contracted the virus than we do?

-And how about France, with 66 million people – about one-fifth our population, claiming just 32,964 cases (one-third as many as we have)…but 1,995 deaths – more than our total.  Could they just possibly have understated the exent of the problem?

-One more for you:  Iran.  Iran, which no one has any reason to believe about anything, COVID-19 or otherwise, reports 35,408 cases and 2,517 deaths.  One fourth as many people (about 80 million), and one-third the number of COVID-19 sufferers…but one and a half times the number of deaths?  Give me a break.

And that’s just a partial sampling.  They’re not the only ones.

So the next time you are told that we lead the world in COVID-19 cases, do yourself a favor and take it with a grain – no, make that a shakerful – of salt.

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  • Thank you Sir for realigning the statistics which many times are arranged to manipulate and scare people into a frenzy. Nothing the media-talking-heads would do with a conscience, Right? Let the real numbers be considered in correct context.

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