Until today, I had never heard of “The Chosunilbo” website, or writer Lee Yong-soo.

But, in his latest piece, found on that site, Lee makes an excellent point about kim jung-un’s reticence to travel outside his country for the upcoming summit with President Trump:  namely that, in his absence, the military will capitalize on its opportunity to stage a coup and take over the country.

Lee points out that, other than two trips to China – neither of which were reported beforehand – kim has not left North Korea since taking power.

Is the fact that this summit will take place on a specific date – i.e. his enemies in the military (and it seems self-evident they must exist) will know he is not there – keeping “rocket man” up nights?  That may well be.

But before we get too excited over the prospect of this deranged man-child being deposed, let’s remember what happened to Libya after it happened to moamar qaddafi.

Remember:  as bad as things are, they can always get even worse.

This summit may or may not go off as scheduled.  But if it is cancelled, don’t discount kim jung-un’s fear of being overthrown as the key reason.

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