John Cusack is a successful actor.  And, apparently, an Israel-hater….or maybe he just hates Jews in general.

Where is my evidence?  Well, Cusack put this up on his twitter account:

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As noted in Chris Perez’s Page Six feature in the New York Post:

Actor John Cusack sparked outrage on Twitter Monday when he retweeted an anti-Semitic meme — and then repeatedly defended the move — before claiming he was duped into sharing the post by “a bot.”

The “Say Anything” star tried to his best to do damage control in a series of follow-up tweets, but not before going on the offensive.

“You think Israel isn’t commuting [sic] atrocities against Palestinians?” Cusack said in response to one angry tweet. “What planet are you on?”

The actor continued, “Palestinian [sic] are forced to live in an open air prison. That’s not anti semetic to say that – that recognizes their plight as part of the fight for justice.”

There is no mention of Cusack’s reaction to the hamas charter – the credo of Gaza and accepted as part of a “unity agreement” by mahmoud abbas, the dictator who rules Judea and Samaria (the west bank) – which calls for Israel to be obliterated and all Jews to be killed.  Or the fact that Palestinian Arabs have turned down every peace offer made to them for the past 70 years.

On the other hand, what’s the difference?  Cusack’s animus against Israel, and maybe Jews in general, isn’t going to hurt him a bit…any more than if he had railed against White men or Christians.

Those, you see, are the accepted forms of racial/religious hatred these days.  In politics, or entertainment, they get a free pass.

And, yes, these are the people who lecture to us about tolerance and acceptance.

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