You want scary?  This is scary.

Joe Biden, befuddled again (as he is in the numerous videos I’ve put up in previous blogs) not only forgets who he is running against, but can’t even remember the name of the wrong guy.  Only after wife Jill seems to whisper Trump’s name under her breath does he finally get it right.

Little wonder that Joe Biden has gone back into hibernation for the rest of the campaign – evidently hoping that the massive amount of money pumped into his presidential run by the hard-left will carry him over the finish line, and/or assessing that however damaging it is to allow President Trump to be the only one campaigning, it will be even more damaging for people to hear/see what is left of Biden.

In the immortal words of my sainted grandmother, nishtu gedacht!

NOTE: If we’re talking literally, nishtu gedacht (said quickly, with an accent on the second of those four syllables) is yiddish for “may it never happen”.  But, growing up first in Brooklyn and then, mostly, Queens, the only way I ever heard it used was, idiomatically, as an expletive, meaning something along the lines of “Can you bleepin’ believe this”…which is how I just used it.  I hope this is helpful.

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