The mueller report was summarized a month ago and issued, in redacted form, over a week ago.

It concludes that President Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign and there is “insufficient evidence” (i.e. they couldn’t pin it on him) that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice during the campaign.

But would you know that to be true if you watched/read our mainstream media?  Or paid attention to the various Democrats running for President right now?

They are continuing as if the mueller report’s conclusions did not exist…

…which they are able to to because the mueller report was written in a way that – intentionally, I have no doubt – gave them the opening.

Let’s always remember that robert mueller, whatever his former political associations, was, and remains, a close friend of fired FBI Director James Comey.

And let’s always remember that mueller put together a staff that consisted entirely of members who were Democrats (13 of the original 16) or unaffiliated (the other three) – several of whom specifically contributed to Hillary Clinton.  In other words, this was not an investigation in any neutral sense of the word, it was a Star Chamber, seeking to nail President Trump any way it could.

And when it turned out that this wasn’t going to happen, the mueller report was intentionally written in a way that, in the absence of evidence, could be contorted into “well, it doesn’t say so in as many words, but..” insinuations and innuendoes.

That, not at all surprisingly, is how Democrats, and their media pals, are using it.  Forget that stuff about not finding collusion and about insufficient evidence.  They’re still in attack mode.  Full speed ahead.

But I wonder how the public will ultimately react to this.  I wonder at what point they will have their fill of the “forget everything else, let’s get Trump” performance of Democrats, who continue to put the get-Trump obsession ahead of  working with the president to offer legislative solutions that might benefit their constituents.

I just watched a TV report which showed candidate after candidate talking about going forward with impeachment proceedings – impeachment that has absolutely zero chance of going anywhere, since conviction would require not just every Democrat senator, but 20 Republican senators as well.

The one candidate who stepped back from this political suicide mission, interestingly enough, was Bernie Sanders – who expressed worry that pursuing impeachment would help Trump win a second term as President (Sanders is dead-on correct).

That said, however, I wonder who the ultimate Democrat candidate will be, and how much of his/her agenda will be driven by this obsession instead of an effort to better the lives of constituents.

We have at least a year of Democrat civil war to find out.

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