On Friday, President Trump, speaking of the “impeachment inquiry” farce, told us that “I want a trial”.

Is he serious?

Columnist Michael Goodwin, writing for the New York Post, believes he is, and has written a (typically) excellent analysis of why.

Here is just a taste.

Pelosi…(will) beg, bribe and twist the arms of any reluctant Dems to get to 218.

That vote will probably come in December, with a Senate trial starting in January.

There, the president will enjoy all the advantages Schiff denied him in the House’s kangaroo court. Most important, Trump starts with 53 GOP senators in the jury, and with a super-majority of 67 votes required for conviction, Dems need to flip 20 of them. That assumes they can hold all Democrats, which is not certain.

One clear change from the House: no hearsay testimony. Thus, much of what passed for evidence there — and spurred the most sensational headlines — would not be permitted in the ­Senate.

For another, Trump’s lawyers would have wide latitude in a witness list and would use it to turn the tables on Democrats, the resistance and the Bidens. Trump likes nothing more than being on offense, and his aim would be to put his accusers on trial.

Mr. Goodwin goes into much greater detail than the above excerpts, and every word is worth reading.  Please use the link to do just that.

While doing so, please remember that, as Goodwin points out (not that you don’t already know it), no one savors being on offense than Donald Trump.  No one.  And this puts him on full-tilt offense.

The near-certain result of such a trial will be that, instead of the sleep-inducing, no-hard-evidence crew of nobodies that adam schiff bored us with, the senate trial will have the real players – including adam schiff, the so-called “whistleblower” schiff claims he does not know (roughly equivalent to Santa Claus claiming he never met an elf), and Hunter Biden – maybe daddy Joe too.

Then, there will be a vote on conviction/removal.  Success in that vote would require 20 or more Republicans (40% of them) to dump their own party’s president…which is not going to happen – i.e. President Trump will emerge as not guilty.

And, unlike schiff’s snooze-a-thon, all this would take place during the election season.

We have talked repeatedly in here about the impeachment farce backfiring/blowing up in Democrats’ faces.

Well, unless Goodwin is wrong, and Pelosi –  who never wanted this impeachment and, I have no doubt, fully realizes the consequences of a senate trial – works to get a non-impeachment vote (which I consider a very real possibility),  that backfire/blowup is going to happen.

Get ready.  One or the other of these possibilities is coming.  And neither will be pretty.

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