Dave Chappelle is a comedian.

He deals in over-the-top humor and has difficulty getting through a sentence or two without profanity.  Not my kind of guy at ll.

But, in talking about abortion he raises an issue that I used to blog about a lot in here (though not recently),  which I consider very important – so I thank him for doing so.

The issue is men’s abortion rights.

In his latest Netflix special, titled “Sticks and Stones”, Chappelle says this:

“I don’t care what your religious beliefs are or anything.  If you have a dick, you need to shut the fuck up on this one. Seriously. This is theirs.”

“The right to choose is their unequivocal right. 

“Not only do I believe they have the right to choose, I believe that they shouldn’t have to consult anybody, except for a physician, about how they exercise that right.”  “Gentlemen, that is fair.

“And, ladies, to be fair to us, I also believe that if you decide to have the baby, a man should not have to pay. That’s fair.

“If you can kill this motherfucker, I can at least abandon ‘im.

“It’s my money, my choice.

“And if I’m wrong, then perhaps we’re wrong. So, figure that shit out for yourselves.”

Let me again say that I am no fan of Dave Chappelle’s humor.  The closest I ever came to seeing him was being at a wedding we both attended some years ago.

But his point about men’s right, crudely though he made it, has merit.

If women are the final arbiters of whether they bring a baby to term, then – at least for the time she has the right to make that decision, the biological father should have the right to a) decline support of the child if she decides to give birth and b) decline payment for the abortion/associated expenses if she decides not to.

Let’s remember:

-If a woman says “Yes, I am having this baby”, the biological father, by law, is as responsible for that baby’s support – financial and otherwise – as she is.  Whether he wants the child or not.

-And if a woman says “No, I am aborting this baby”, the biological father, by law, has no say in whether his child (it is as much his as it is hers) will be allowed to live or die.  Even if he wants the child to be born.

So while I have no dispute at all over a woman, who carries the child, having the final say, I also recognize that men have rights as well.

Don’t expect many marches on Washington for that issue.   And don’t expect Dave Chappelle to be hailed for his comments by the people who claim to be in favor of abortion rights.

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