Does anyone know…

…how Jeff Sessions whiles away his days?  You know, when he is supposed to be performing his duties as Attorney General.

Just asking.

Oh, one more question: why the hell does this man still have his job?

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  • DOES ANYONE KNOW……how Jeff Sessions whiles away his days?

    Sure . . . . . and he often works overtime doing it: Patting himself on the back for being the MOST awful appointment made by Trump.

    Not ONLY has Sessions screwed up being Attorney General, enabling the appointment of Mueller as Special Clown … uhh… Prosecutor, but, entirely divorced from that . . . . . . .
    In Feb 2017, a Strange Republican (Luther Strange) was appointed to Session’s Senate seat until the next election.
    Then . . . . .
    Luther Strange lost the Republican primary to Roy Moore.
    Moore lost the general election to On December 12, 2017.
    Democratic nominee and former U.S. attorney Doug Jones was elected as his successor, defeating Moore in the special election.

    Trump now has one less Republican Senator, and all the heart ache of Mueller.

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