Does anyone believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide?

It isn’t often that both the right and left agree on something. But, albeit for very different reasons, they both seem to agree that they don’t believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.

Neither do I.

Remember that old maxim, “follow the money”?¬† ¬†With Epstein, it’s “follow the political affiliations of the people who would benefit most by his death”.

I suggest you do that and draw your own conclusions.


  • Sniff sniff, the aroma of a new ‘caper’ is erupting. How long before the Talking Heads try to link this death to our reigning President or certainly another GOP pick from the past 19 years? Just wondering.

  • Jack Ruby came back from the grave to strangle Jeff Epstein.

    Lee Harvey Oswald could not be reached for comment.

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