Trust me when I tell you I do not want the United States involved in a war of any kind.

But North Korea’s lunatic-in-charge, kim jung-un, is deperately trying to force us into one.  And he might succeed.

From Jon Lockett’s article at London’s Daily Sun:

Senior military sources in Washington have reportedly claimed Pentagon officials have laid out plans to obliterate a nuclear weapons facility operating deep within a mountain range inside the rogue state.

The news comes hours after the US flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula  in a show of force against North Korea.

The B-1 bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets as they performed a low-pass over an air base near the South Korean capital of Seoul before returning to the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

The US Air Force said the mission was a response to consecutive ICBM tests by Kim this month.

Analysts say flight data from the second test conducted Friday night showed that a broader part of mainland America, including Los Angeles and Chicago, is now in range of Pyongyang’s weapons.

“North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability,” said Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander.

“Diplomacy remains the lead. However, we have a responsibility to our allies and our nation to showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for the worst-case scenario.”

This lunatic is telling us in so many words that he is testing missiles that can hit the USA and that he intends to reduce us to ashes

Also reported by The Sun – in May – we have this, from the “newspaper” Rogong Sinmum, which publishes absolutely nothing without kim’s permission:

“No one can stop the nuclear power state, rocketry master in the East.

“The United States must know our declaration that we can turn the Devil’s Den into ashes with nuclear weapons is not an empty threat.”

So what is President Trump supposed to do?  Watch and see?  Wait for it to happen?

Personally, I would far prefer that – if at all feasible (who knows if it is?) kim jung-un be taken out.  Then we can at least hope his successor will be at least marginally less of a lunatic than he is.

I would also far prefer that China – without which what little there is of North Korea would cease to exist altogether – lays down the law to him.  But that doesn’t appear to be happening.

And I would also far prefer that the United Nations…..well, never mind.  The Useless Neutered United Nations is too busy condemning Israel for trying to survive as a sovereign state to do anything about trifles such as threatened nuclear war.

With these factors in mind, the rationale for our taking out North Korea’s nuclear capabilities – with, I hope – strong support from other countries – is certainly there.

Let’s hope a way is found for it not to get there.  But, if  it is what we have to do, let’s hope just as hard for complete success.


  • How much of North Korea is saber rattling, self aggrandizement, posturing.
    Red China is not a sidelines observer. EVERYTHING that Lil Kim does is done with China’s direction and approval. NK is merely the stalking horse – with the hope of sucking the US into war with a nuclear armed nation whose nonmiliary is stone age.

  • If China is comfortable with a nuclear North Korea we can be comfortable with a nuclear Taiwan.

  • With these factors in mind, the rationale for our taking out North Korea’s nuclear capabilities

    If we are forced to take action we will need to do a lot more than just take out North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. We will have to undertake a strike that would make Shock and Awe in the Iraq war look like child’s play. Otherwise we risk the lunatic leader Kim of unleashing hell on South Korea.

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