Do the lockdowns most states have put in place prevent the spread of COVID-19?

I’m no doctor and I don’t profess to have the answers.

But this chart, just put out by J.P. Morgan, which shows how states which have loosened up or ended their lockdowns are faring, is a pretty good argument that they do not:

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I doubt you need me to tell you that, instead of spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases, most states have seen decreases.  And even the states that have increased show minimal upward movement – the decreases tend to be more significant.

Does that definitively prove lockdowns have little if any positive effect regarding COVID-19?  I’d have to see more than this one chart to come to that conclusion.

But it certainly moves me in that direction.  How about you?


  • Don’t forget there is up to a 2 week lag in the progression of this virus. Expect more sickness and death to come. But, that doesn’t mean we should be locked down.

  • I did a little information gathering for the 3 counties near me. Below is what I found. What’s going on in your state?
    Just as all states are not the same
    All counties are not the same
    39.51 million (2019) population
    84,057 infected
    3,436 dead

    Los Angeles County
    10.04 million (2019) population
    40,975 infected
    1,976 dead

    Riverside County
    2.471 million (2019) population
    6,184 infected
    270 dead

    San Bernardino County
    2.18 million (2019) population
    3,795 infected
    158 dead

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