Last night, President Trump tweeted that “something very big has just happened” and informed us there would be a major news conference at 9:00AM to tell us what it is.

Not surprisingly, information has already leaked out about what Mr. Trump will tell us.

The news – at least as far as it has been leaked – is that, as the result of a military operation approved by President Trump earlier this month, our military has either captured or killed abu bakr al-baghdadi, the mass murdering lunatic who runs (make that ran – I hope he is dead) ISIS all these years.

And if our military took al baghdadi out, it’s a strong possibility that there were other significant “leaders” of ISIS with him who were taken out as well, making the news even better.

Assuming this is true – and I emphasize that we don’t know for sure until the news conference – it is huge.

If al-baghdadi has been taken out, there is no longer an ISIS as we know it.  Unless and until it regroups (which, sadly, is a likely scenario), ISIS will be little more than a disorganized bunch of murderous radical islamists who desecrate their religion and shame all of humanity.

That said, here’s a question that may be answered at the news conference:  did Trump’s sudden movement of our troops – the one I and others condemned – have anything to do with this operation?  Did it in any way facilitate the capture or death of al-baghdadi and, presumably, some of the people around him?

We won’t know until 9:00…and might not even know then.  But I’ll certainly be interested to find out one way or another.

OK, the table is set.  Now let’s wait for the news conference.  Then we’ll talk some more.

UPDATE:  Yes, al-baghdadi is dead and no, the pullout in Syria had nothing to do with it.

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