Let me answer the above question in four letters.


A number of media venues – Newsweek, MSNBC’s Morning Joe show and crooksandliars.com among them, are reporting that, during a highly contentious interview with Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz on yesterday’s Media Buzz show,  Rudy Giuliani quoted me as writing negative material about how James Biden was making money off of brother Joe’s name.

Let me detail how many things are wrong with that claim:

-First off, if you watch the interview, you will not hear Rudy Giuliani mention my name or the name of my blog.  He at no time said he was quoting me.

You will, however, seeing him waving a sheet with one of my blogs on it.

-However, while it is true that Mr. Giuliani was reading from my blog, the quotes he was reading were not from me.  They were from someone else whose article I was quoting.  In other words, I was doing nothing other than passing someone else’s reporting along;

-And who was that someone else?  It was Ben Shreckinger, writing for politico.com – which, ironically, is a decidedly liberal/left/anti-Trump website.

-Want to see for yourself?  Click here to read my blog, then click on the blog’s link – or click here – for Mr. Shreckinger’s article.  That’s where you’ll find the quote.

Now that we’ve got the facts straight (I won’t hold my breath waiting for Morning Joe or any of the others to inform their viewers/readers of the real story)…

…I would like to point out something that regular readers know:  while it is true I defend Donald Trump a great deal here, it is also true that I regularly nail him as well, for, among other things, his often ridiculous tweets, his ionospheric ego and his paper-thin skin.

I urge anyone who thinks all I do is rah-rah President Trump to check back and see for themselves – another fact that I don’t expect Joe, Mika and Donny to be admitting tomorrow morning.

And if this still doesn’t convince you, please google “the world’s richest barroom loudmouth” and see what website comes up first.  You’ll find it was my characterization of Donald Trump, and was put up over four years ago.

Ditto for “the world’s most powerful barroom loudmouth”, which I started using this year.

The bottom line is that I have no problem going either positive or negative on President Trump, depending on what the issue is at any given time.  I am not in his or anyone else’s back pocket, on either side of the aisle.  And “journalists” who say otherwise need to engage in a little – make that a lot – more journalism.


  • Hello, so the thing that was wrong with this was Giuliani was referring to Affidavit for Biden’s son, and then proceeded to pick up papers and waving them around, supposedly showing us he has the affidavit’s against Hunter, but they are print out from your site. It could have been a mistake, easily. But still no one has found concrete proof of any real affidavit’s against any Biden.

  • Yep I saw it too Troy. That is exactly what happened. So Ken can blame Giuliani for that one. To perpetrate HIS (Giuliani’s) lie, he claimed he had THREE affidavits then proceeded to pick up & wave around the printout from HopelesslyPartisan.com (printed in BOLD too, yep I paused it & read). So he can blame Crazy Rudy for pulling him into the mix. That was no mistake. They’re all stable geniuses…remember.

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