Nope.  He did not.

But look at how fast some Trump haters jumped all over the false claim – even if the most basic checking would show it was not true.

From Tom Blumer’s article at newsbusters.org:

In a since-deleted tweet, an aide to Washington State Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal claimed that President Donald Trump had ignored a “child in (a) wheelchair” who reached up “twice to shake the president’s hand” after a Friday speech. It turns out that the aide, Ansel Herz, clearly engaged in the kind of “selective editing” critics claim conservative undercover journalists commit (but almost never do). By the time Herz deleted the tweet, the damage had spread around the world, as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, unhinged GQ critic Keith Olbermann, and others ignorantly pounced on the deceptive tweet as proof that Trump is a heartless monster.

The complete video of the event shows that Trump specifically greeted and spoke with the wheelchair-bound boy before the speech.

Here is the video snip Herz used:

Here is a snip from earlier in the official White House full video, with Trump greeting the boy at the 2:19 mark:

Given what happened earlier, the idea that Trump engaged in some kind of carelessly negligent and hurtful behavior towards the wheelchair-bound boy as he departed is absurd.

Mr. Blumer goes on to detail how horrified these haters were – over something that obviously was untrue but, for a Trump-hater, was just too good to check.

As President, Donald Trump has certainly shown a capacity to do and say things he should be embarrassed by.  But he has nothing on these people.

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  • Donald J. Trump has thrown international relations with our allies into a turmoil.

    It has been reliably reported that at a WH luncheon, he DECLINED French dressing and DEMANDED Russian dressing on his salad.

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