Was House Judiciary Committee chairperson Jerrold Nadler so bored by listening to “constitutional scholars” (hand-picked for their political views, not their scholarship) pontificate on what does or does not constitute impeachable offenses, that he actually had to fight dozing off?

Click here, watch the (19 second) video, and decide for yourself.

If so, I can’t say that I blame him.  As Republicans pointed out over and over, in the absence of evidence that President Trump committed an impeachable offense, this information is irrelevant to anyone but the constitutional scholars themselves, and maybe some law students.

If there is no evidence that President Trump demanded the Ukraine investigate the Bidens in return for U.S. financial aid – and no matter how many ways Democrats twist, turn, mangle and contort the testimony, NOT ONE WITNESS provided such evidence – then whether doing so is an impeachable offense is a matter for the classroom, not the House Judiciary Committee.

Uh……………zzzzz…oh, sorry.  This was so boring that I almost dozed off pointing it out.

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