From an article at Fox News:

Despite a firm denial by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a senior law enforcement source charges that she gave an order for police to stand down as riots broke out Monday night, raising more questions about whether some of the violence and looting could have been prevented.

The source, who is involved in the enforcement efforts, confirmed to Fox News there was a direct order from the mayor to her police chief Monday night, effectively tying the hands of officers as they were pelted with rocks and bottles.

Asked directly if the mayor was the one who gave that order, the source said: “You are God damn right it was.”

The claim follows criticism of the mayor for, over the weekend, saying they were giving space to those who “wished to destroy.”

Is this true? 

Because, if it is, this is a Mayor who put her own police in danger, and allowed the decent citizens of Baltimore to suffer the rioting, looting and burning that will define the city she is supposed to protect for years to come.  Why?  To, in her own words, “(give) those who wished to destroy space to do that”.

In a sane world, any Mayor who said those words, and issued that order to police, should either resign immediately or be tossed out of office any legal way possible.

Asking again: is this true?  The people of Baltimore need to know…and decent people everywhere should demand to know.

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